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Annie on Hengqin Realty

2023-06-29 | advertise

我是大家信任的房产销售经理Annie,专门经营横琴的房地产业务,是横琴多家房地产开发商的战略合作伙伴。横琴气候宜人,环境优美,多次登顶中国宜居城市首位,是唯一一个与香港澳门陆桥相连的城市。随着琴澳两地合作进一步深化,横琴封关在即,横琴的房地产市场将是投资的热点。本人目前推介的楼盘包括: 华发绿杨洲,华发琴澳新城,横琴金融岛IFC,香洲埠以及丽新创新方等。


Hello, this is a greeting from Annie, a trusted real estate sales manager specializing in certain properties in Hengqin. I am a strategic partner of many real estate developers on the island. With its pleasant climate and beautiful environment, Hengqin has been on the top of the list of the most livable cities in China for several years and is the only city connected by the land bridge between Hong Kong and Macau. Hengqin is a hot spot for real estate investment as it deepens integrated cooperation with Macau and the establishment of a second-line customs is imminent. I currently recommend the following properties: Huafa Emerald Green Bay, Huafa Qinao New City, IFC on Hengqin Financial Island, Xiangzhou Port and Innovative Party.

Please contact Annie: 13676074068 (mobile); (email). I will serve you wholeheartedly.